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We provide a full range of comprehensive consultancy services to meet your organization's needs.  


Meeting customer expectations guarantees you will keep their business. In return, they, through word of mouth, will bring in new business. By assessing the workflow within your workshop, we will identify areas from the time the vehicle has been accepted into the shop, worked on, to the time it is returned to the customer. It is here we will advise you as to the best practices needed that will best suit your needs. We'll advise you regarding environmental policies, ensuring compliance. We will also advise and train you and your staff in other areas as needed. 


From hiring the best qualified people to managing your company’s finances, we’ll look at ways you can improve. If your company is maintenance driven or parts driven, PVMS will help advertise your company’s services using the latest marketing tactics that’ll guarantee you keep your current customers while attracting new customers.   


Since ordering, receiving, inventorying, and finally parts installation are essential to the success of your business, we will analyze your procedures and identify any problem areas and streamline as necessary in order to make sure your business stands out from the others.       


Staying current with industry standards as well as health, environmental, and safety rules require you to have a robust training program.  Our staff will identify the necessary skills your staff will need to possess in order to meet your company’s goals.  As your workers grow, so does your business.  Are your workers required by to be trained and certified in certain duties as they relate to their job?    

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